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Quzhou Fangda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
No.7 Nanshan Road West, Shenjia Economic Development Zone,Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Ministry of Foreign Trade Department

Contact Person:

Lele Wang

Tel: +86-570-3375811
Mobile: +86-19557004208 (Wechat)
E-mail: wjl@fangdachem.com


Lucy Wang

Tel: +86-570-3375811
Mobile: +86-15215700246 (Wechat)
E-mail: cf@fangdachem.com
Fax: +86-570-3375822


Carrie Chen
Mobile: +86-13857019368 (Wechat)
E-mail: csh@fangdachem.com
Fax: +86-570-3375822


Chizhou Fangda Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Add: Xiangyu Chemical Park, Dongzhi County, Anhui, China, 247260

Official Wechat NO.:13705705997 (fangdachem)


General Manager: Chen Fang    TEL:+86-566-3271178/+86-13866802828 (Anhui)

Marketing Department

Contact:Ye Hongxing

TEL:+86-566-3271333/+86-13866802899 (Anhui)
E-mail: yhx@fangdachem.com
Fax: +86-566-3271178

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