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Isobornyl acrylate (IBOA)



HS CODE: 2916129000
CAS NO.: 5888-33-5
Item Index
Ester content ≥99%
Free acid ≤0.1%
Polymerization inhibitor 180±20PPM
Color ≤20#
Moisture ≤0.1%


Colorless transparent liquid


This product is mainly used in raidate curing coating (printing ink) as active diluents, it may effectively reduce the viscosity of the coating, improve the performance of construction and enhance leveling properties.

Transportation and notes: 

1. To protect from sunlight, it shall be covered with thermal insulation material in case of open storage;
2. Moisture can promote polymerization reaction, to protect from water;
3. Shelf life: half a year at normal temperature;
4. Collision shall be avoided when transporting, wash with clear water in case of leakage;
5. Corrosive to skin and mucosa, wash with clear water in contact with the product


25KG Plastic, 200KG Black Iron Drum, IBC or ISOtank

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